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Request for Action <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />To Item Number <br />Planning Commission 4.2 <br />Agenda Section Meeting Date Prepared by <br />Public Hearings November 22, 2022 Chris Leeseberg, Senior Planner <br />Item Description Reviewed by <br />City of Elk River for a Land Use Amendment Jennifer Green, Senior Administrative Assistant <br />from Residential to Commercial, Case No. LU <br />Reviewed by <br />22-04 <br /> <br /> <br />Action Requested <br />Recommend, by motion, approval of the Comprehensive Plan <br />amendment changing the land use from Traditional Single-Family <br />Residential to Highway Business. <br /> <br />Background/Discussion <br />Due to an oversight during the Comprehensive Plan update in 2021, <br />the property was inadvertently guided as Traditional Single-Family <br />Residential when is should have been guided as Highway Business, as it <br />was prior to the adoption of the current land use map. <br /> <br />The 3.96-acre site is located at the northeast intersection of Evans <br />Street and 196th Lane. The surrounding uses are commercial and <br />residential. <br /> <br />Mission/Policy/Goal <br /> Responsibly grow <br /> Meet changing needs - Agile <br /> Ethical, efficient, and responsible <br /> Work with citizens to achieve goals <br /> <br />Attachments <br /> Location Map <br /> Existing and Proposed Land Use Exhibit <br /> <br /> <br />The Elk River Vision <br />A welcoming community with revolutionary and spirited resourcefulness, exceptional <br /> <br />service, and community engagement that encourages and inspires prosperity. <br /> Updated: August 2020 <br />