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Request for Action <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />To Item Number <br />Planning Commission 5.1 <br />Agenda Section Meeting Date Prepared by <br />General Business November 22, 2022 Chris Leeseberg, Senior Planner <br />Item Description Reviewed by <br />Ric Haugland – Auto-Rec Bodyworks, Inc. – Zack Carlton, Community Development Director <br />21475 US Highway 169 NW <br />Reviewed by <br />Conditional Use Permit Extension, Case No. <br /> <br />CU 19-14 <br /> <br />Action Requested <br />Extend the date to complete the required conditions to October 21, 2023. <br /> <br />Background/Discussion <br />The request for a Conditional Use Permit to allow operation of an auto <br />repair facility at 21475 Highway 169 was approved by the council <br />during their October 21, 2019, meeting and included seven conditions <br />of approval. <br /> <br />The applicant has continued to make progress on the project and <br />needs more time to finalize site and building amenities. He is again <br />requesting an extension until October 21, 2023, to complete the <br />required conditions. <br /> <br />Attachments <br /> Applicant’s extension request email <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />The Elk River Vision <br />A welcoming community with revolutionary and spirited resourcefulness, exceptional <br /> <br />service, and community engagement that encourages and inspires prosperity. <br /> Updated: August 2020 <br />