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it ci <br />Elk* <br />River <br />Request for Action <br />To <br />Item Number <br />Mayor and City Council <br />7.3 <br />Agenda Section <br />Meeting Date <br />Prepared by <br />Public Hearings <br />January 18, 2021 <br />Chris Leeseberg, Senior Planner <br />Item Description <br />Reviewed by <br />Drainage & Utility Easement Vacation: Bruce <br />Peter Beck, City Attorney <br />Rahn, 13665 185th Ave. NW <br />Reviewed by <br />Cal Portner, City Administrator <br />Action Requested <br />Adopt, by motion, a resolution vacating the north 66 feet of 75-131-1101. <br />Background/Discussion EV 21-07 <br />The applicant is requesting to vacate the easement covering the north <br />66-feet of their property so they can utilize the property without the <br />restrictions noted in the easement language. The applicant believes the <br />only property being devalued in the area is theirs as they are unable to <br />fully use one-third of their property. <br />Easement <br />The easement is approximately 0.37 acres of the 1-acre property. There <br />are three parcels adjacent to the easement. The easement over the <br />north 66 feet of the applicant's property was granted to the city in 1990 <br />in connection with an application for an administrative subdivision and <br />variance. The proposed parcel only had 94 feet of frontage on 185`h <br />Ave and 66 feet on Naples, which at the time was not a public street, <br />thus requiring the lot width variance. With both streets being public, <br />the required 150 width was obtained on two different streets. <br />As part of the Administrative Subdivision approval, the following <br />condition was required: <br />That the north 66 feet of the proposed new lot running the entire <br />length of the parcel from east to west be dedicated to the city as <br />easement for road, utility, and drainage purposes. This easement will Figure i <br />serve the new lots that can be created from the original parcel in the future when City sewer and water <br />is available in this area. <br />CR 12 <br />/69 <br />The purpose of the easement was to preserve a corridor for street and utilities if the properties to the west were <br />ever redeveloped into smaller lots once public sewer and water became available. <br />The Elk River Vision P I I E I E U I i <br />A welcoming community with revolutionary and spirited resourcefulness, exceptional [NATURE] <br />service, and community engagement that encourages and inspires prosperity. Updated. August 2020 <br />