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it ci <br />Elk* <br />River <br />Request for Action <br />To <br />Item Number <br />Mayor and City Council <br />7.2 <br />Agenda Section <br />Meeting Date <br />Prepared by <br />Public Hearings <br />January 18, 2022 <br />Chris Leeseberg, Senior Planner <br />Item Description <br />Reviewed by <br />Conditional Use Permit: Home Occupation for <br />Zack Carlton, Planning Manager <br />Tractor Trailer Parking, Byron Nielson, 19796 <br />Reviewed by <br />Tyler Street <br />Cal Portner, City Administrator <br />Action Requested <br />Approve, by motion, the Conditional Use Permit with the following <br />conditions to satisfy the standards set forth in Section 30-654: <br />1. Only one employee and one tractor and trailer are permitted. <br />2. The tractor & trailer shall be parked on an approved surface <br />per the ordinance requirements.,- <br />3. The idling of a truck tractor in excess of 15 minutes from April cR33,. <br />16 through October 31, and 30 minutes from November 1 <br />through April 15, is prohibited. <br />4. Any future permits required for the home occupation shall <br />have full compliance with all commercial building, electrical, L �R <br />plumbing, and fire code requirements. This requires plans <br />signed by a registered architect or register professionalHi `— <br />�0. <br />engineer. _ J>-� CR.12-- <br />�s <br />Background/Discussion` <br />Case No. CU 21-18�� <br />The property is zoned R1-a where tractor trailer parking/home ti� <br />occupations require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). The applicant is <br />seeking a CUP to park a single tractor and trailer at subject parcel. The <br />parcel is 0.87 acres in size with a vacant parcel to the north. The area <br />Figure I <br />the tractor trailer will be parked is 200-300 feet to the nearest homes <br />and there are approximately 12 homes within 500 feet. <br />Planning Commission <br />During the public hearing, the applicant indicated they had been parking on the property since 1986 and <br />questioned why it was an issue now. Staff s correspondence regarding the CUP began with a complaint to the <br />code enforcement resulting in an inspection which identified the violation. Planning staff began speaking with the <br />applicant once it was determined that the violation could be approved with a CUP. Staff has not received any <br />comments since the commission meeting. <br />The Elk River Vision <br />A n elcoming community with revolutionary and spirited resourcefulness, exceptional <br />service, and community engagement that encourages and inspires prosperity. <br />P I I E I 1 0 9Y <br />NATURE <br />Updated. August 2020 <br />