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Request for Action <br />To <br />Item Number <br />Mayor and Ci T Council <br />4.4 <br />Agenda Section <br />Meeting Date <br />Prepared by <br />Consent <br />January 18, 2022 <br />Ryan Sandhoefner, Engineer 1 <br />Item Description <br />Reviewed by <br />Pay Estimates <br />Justin Femrite P.E., Public Works Director <br />Reviewed by <br />Cal Portner, City Administrator <br />Action Requested <br />Approve, by motion, the pay estimates detailed below. <br />Background/Discussion <br />The following pay estimates have been reviewed and found to be accurate and in accordance with approved contracts. <br />Financial Impact <br />PROJECT <br />Public Safety Building Expansion <br />Fire Station #3 <br />2021 Street Improvements <br />Windsor Park 3T`` Sewer Extension <br />Mission/Policy/Goal <br />Opportunity to live, work, and play. <br />Attachments <br />■ Pay Estimate 16 — Terra Construction <br />■ Pay Estimate 11 —Terra Construction <br />■ Pay Estimate 7 — North Valley, Inc. <br />■ Pay Estimate 7 — G.F. Jedlicki Inc. <br />Pay Est. # Contractor <br />16 <br />— Partial <br />Terra Construction <br />11 <br />— Partial <br />Terra Construction <br />7 — <br />Final <br />North Valley, Inc. <br />7 - <br />Partial <br />G.F. Jedlicki Inc. <br />Amount <br />$15,646.86 <br />$396,698.57 <br />$272,058.27 <br />$101,792.94 <br />The Elk River Vision P N W I e E U 0 V <br />A welcoming community rvitb revolutionary and spirzted resourcefulness, exceptional NATURE <br />service, and community engagement that encourages and inspires prosperz[ Updated. August 2020 <br />